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Glee Reaction Post: 4x04 - The Break Up

So here we are, two weeks removed from the episode that devastated a fandom. Most people posted their reactions immediately after the episode, or the next day, and that's originally what I was going to do as well. But then I thought, "No, I'm going to wait a few days, let the emotion fade a little, and look at the episode objectively."

...Well. I can try at least.

Of the three couples that split this episode, Kurt and Blaine are the characters that I'm the most invested in. Actually, they're the only ones I'm invested in.

Emotionally speaking, it was hard. Really hard. I'd seen the spoilers; I knew what was coming, at least generally. I didn't know that Blaine's part in the break up would be what it was.

I'll be honest. I didn't sob. I didn't sit there bawling my eyes out like I'd expected to. On my part, it was more quiet devastation. Mostly, I felt numb; I didn't actually realise I was crying until I felt a couple of tears drip off my chin. I was left in a strange, melancholy mood all weekend. My plan had been to watch my Klaine-cut of Season 2 to make myself feel better, but in light of Blaine's confession I couldn't. Everything has changed. Blaine can never be that boy at the foot of the stairs again.

1. Is Blaine a cheater?
I'm inclined to believe that something sexual happened with Eli. I don't know if they went "all the way", so to speak, I can see it either way, but I think it was probably more than a few kisses. So is Blaine a cheater? Technically, yes. I don't think Blaine is going to become a serial cheater; I don't think it's in his nature. This was a one-off incident, a result of the circumstances. Blaine is the sort of person who needs to feel like he's a part of something, like he's loved and worth something to someone. With Kurt gone and too interested in his New York life to care much for Blaine's Ohio one, it's not surprise that Blaine turned to someone else for physical comfort. I'm just surprised that it happened so soon as I've always been under the impression that Glee happens in real time, and if that's true, then Kurt had only been gone a couple of weeks.

2. Who is to blame?
I've seen people blaming Blaine and I've seen people blaming Kurt. For me, they are both equally at fault, and equally blameless. You could say that Kurt should have been more invested, less self-involved; you could say that even in his desperation, Blaine should have found another way to cope. But I don't think that's fair to either of them. Long distance relationships are hard at any age, let alone at the age these two are at.

3. Where do our boys go from here?
Above all else, Kurt and Blaine have a lot to learn about themselves. Kurt has to understand how his actions and behaviour affect others, so that he can fully understand why Blaine did what he did. And Blaine has to figure out who he is on his own, not as lead soloist of the Warblers, nor as Kurt's boyfriend, nor as "The New Rachel." Kurt knows who he is, has always known, but Blaine has to learn it as well so that, when they get back together they can go into it as equals.

Because that's the thing. Kurt and Blaine are not over, this is really only the beginning for them. Somehow they'll find their way back to each other.

And just imagine how their reunion will be.

I'm not a Finchel shipper. At all. I never have been. I think their relationship is ridiculous and unhealthy.

I was proud of them here, though. Because they both know Finn doesn't belong in New York, at least not yet. And I think they both know, though Finn might love Rachel the way he always has, that Rachel's love for Finn is not the same in New York as it was in Lima.

Do I think Finn's determination to "set Rachel free" was insulting? Yes. I'm with her; she's a grown woman who knows what she wants. She doesn't need Finn or any man to "set her free." Still, his actions came from a place of caring but also, I think, from a desire to do something good in the face of doing nothing at all.

Klaine and Finchel often mirror each other, and now is no different. Kurt and Rachel know what they want and are working towards getting it. But Finn, like Blaine, has to figure out who he is now that he can't be the McKinley Titans quarterback, or the New Directions lead male soloist, or Rachel's boyfriend, or his father's double. Which is why Finn can't stay at McKinley working with Will and the New Directions. Finn can't learn who he is if he stays in the school that will always see him as something of a hero. I just hope the writers recognise that.

As for Finchel, will they get back together? Yes. Because that's what Finn and Rachel do: they get together, they break up, they get together, they break up. Eventually, one way or another, it has to stick.

I care about Brittana about as much as I care about Finchel. I love Santana but, while many find Brittany endearing, I just find her annoying. Still. They broke up so that deserves a write-up, plus, if I'm being honest, their break up was really the most interesting of the three.

Of all the angst-ridden characters present this episode, Santana was the smartest because, I think, she understands that people change and that there is a danger in that, a danger which she had a taste of with that girl in the library. Even as she told Brittany that she would never cheat on her, she knew the potential was there. Unlike Kurt and Blaine, Santana acknowledges that they are young, that mistakes will be made and people will get hurt; that's just how growing up works. But in breaking up with Brittany on her own terms, Santana is able to control the pain she has to put Brittany through. It's the most grown up thing any character, including the adults, did the entire episode.

Will they get back together? I don't know. Probably yes, given the amount of fan support, but of the three couples, Brittana is the one I'm least sure of.

To conclude
So how do I feel two weeks later? Okay. The sadness has faded and I'm actually a bit excited. There's a lot of potential for character growth in the coming months--we just have to hope the writers take advantage of it.

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