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Vampire Diaries Reaction Post - S03E07 - Ghost World

I'm behind, I know. I've had a lot going on with end-of-semester assignments and work, etc. I wrote one for last week's episode, but it was short and only done the night before the next episode aired so I didn't bother copying it across to LJ. If you're still interested, you can read the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" post here.

BUT! I'm finished uni for the year now, and I'm determined to do my write-up's soon after each episode. You can also read this week's recap at WordPress here.

Anna looking sad while Jeremy breaks some bad news

Original air date: 27 October 2011
Written by: Rebecca Sonnenshine
Directed by: David Jackson

Official synopsis: NIGHT OF ILLUMINATION — As Mystic Falls prepares to celebrate the traditional Illumination Night, the town is invaded by spirits of the dead. After a particularly violent encounter with an angry spirit, Damon asks Bonnie to find the reason behind the ghosts’ surprising power. Elena convinces Jeremy to use his connection to the other side to help her find a new way to reach Stefan, leading Jeremy to a terrible choice. Finally, Alaric discovers a long-hidden clue to the past. *

Jeremy: single-handedly keeping Mystic Falls therapists in business

Let’s start with Jeremy. Because this boy is troubled. Seriously? Seriously. For the last 7 episodes, I’ve been watching these Jeremy/Anna scenes and saying (literally, out loud, to my computer screen), “She’s dead, Jer. Don’t fall for the ghost. Don’t hold hands with the ghost. Don’t kiss the ghost. And for God’s sake, don’t sleep with the ghost.” That would be too weird even for this show. Still, what does he go and do? Gah! I can understand him still not being fully over her death. It actually only occurred to me yesterday that in 12 months Jeremy has had 3 girlfriends: Vicki, Anna and Bonnie. The first 2 were vampires who died and came back to life as ghosts, the third is a witch. Clearly what Jeremy needs to do is take Ric’s advice and take a beat. Of course he’s troubled and confused! He hasn’t hadtime to deal with any of this death! The one thing he doesn’t need right now is a girlfriend. *frustrated sigh*

The ghosts: I would list them all, but you wouldn’t read all those names anyway

Anna is gone. Finally. I know a lot of people liked Anna, but I am not, and never was, one of them. I don’t know why but she always rubbed me the wrong way. Her reappearance threw an interesting spanner in the works in the grand scheme of things, but I tired of her quickly. Now she’s gone and I am not complaining. Her being around because she wanted to find Pearl was, I felt, something that could have been incorporated a few episodes earlier. It was sort of her whole reason for being in S1, so it wouldn’t have been out of character. Still, I’m glad they’ve been reunited, and now they can go off and live “in peace” in wherever it is that twice-dead vampires go.

Mason was always a cool dude. It wasn’t his fault he got caught up in the wrong crowd (ie Katherine, Jules, Brady, etc). Seeing him back was great and his scenes with Damon were refreshing in the humor they provided amongst the general doom and gloom of the episode. I do wonder if he was disappointed, though. I mean, he came back to help Tyler, but all he did was did around tunnels with Damon. If he really wanted to help Tyler he should have ignored Damon completely. I kind of felt like his Tyler-dialogue was just thrown in the by the writer, but as there was no follow through it didn’t make sense. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

Lexi. Oh, man. When I watched the promo and Lexi was in it I got really excited. I loved Lexi in S1 and the S2 flashback. I loved her  snarkiness with Stefan here; you could tell she’s seen him like this before. But what the hell was she doing to him? That weird magic-y thing she did were she somehow sped up his drying out? How even? I don’t understand. And was it really necessary? I mean, we’ve seen before that it doesn’t really take that long for a vampire to weaken without blood. A few days, a week at the most, and I’m sure he’d be ready for some Bambi-therapy. The staking as punishment reminded me uncomfortably of Bill Forbes trying to “correct” Caroline a few weeks ago. That didn’t work either, Lex. I know it wouldn’t have made for good TV, but surely all Lexi would have had to do was a) lock Stefan in the cell, and b) write Elena up a handy step-by-step list on how to de-Ripper-fy Stefan. At least she wouldn’t have done…whatever she did with no precedent or explanation whatsoever.

I get lynching vibes from Fredrick and the Tomb Vampires. Guessing they never supported the abolishment of slavery in the South.

I’m really glad the ghost storyline is over. Sure it was interesting and different, but I was never really invested in it, maybe because the characters involved don’t really interest me and the ghosts were mostly characters I never liked anyway. I would have loved to see Jenna and John back. But I guess they weren’t important enough. *grumble*

Damon: worst apology-giver ever

He wasn’t a major player this episode, but I need to comment on Damon because…just…awwww. His reluctant, awkward attempts at apologies were just too funny. LoL. So in-character for him (although it’s interesting to note he can apologise to Elena with no trouble, once he admits to himself he was in the wrong). That last scene with Ric? “I didn’t mean it with him.” And Ric just went with it. Awww. They love each other, you guys, and the bromance is back on. Good thing too, because I don’t like it when Mummy and Daddy fight (I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one is which).

Final thoughts: harsh, but true

I wanted to like this episode, I really did…but I just couldn’t. It wasn’t the worst episode ever, but to me it all felt a bit disjointed (I used a patchwork quilt analogy to describe my feelings to my brother: all different, non-matching pieces sewn together) and I was left feeling mostly unsatisfied. Too many things came out of nowhere, or were left unexplained, or both.

Questions: to leave you with

  1. What the hell did Lexi do to Stefan to dry him out so quickly? Presumably she had to be patient and do it the old-fashioned way before she died (again).
  2. How did Original-related cave drawings end up under Mystic Falls, and how will they help the Scooby Gang kill Klaus?
  3. How did Damon escape Mason’s torture chamber (this was another point that went unexplained, unfortunately)?
  4. Has Matt met his on-screen quota for the season?
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